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Computer Repair by Chris D Computer Services Blue Screen of DeathWelcome to Chris D Computer Services computer repair page. While it is our hope that it never happens, the reality is that you will at some point experience a software or hardware oriented operational issue with you computer. At Chris D Computer Services, we take the pain out of having to disassemble your computer and bring it to someone for repairs, and then having to pick it up and then reassemble it once the needed computer repairs have been completed. Chris D Computer Services is a premium on-site computer repair service, that means we come to you to diagnose and fix the issues you are experiencing with your comptuer system. So when your computer is experiencing issues, whether hardware or software based, contact Chris D Computer Services to help fulfill your computer repair needs.

With the multitude of computer viruses and malware that are constantly being created today, it is almost certain that at some point your computer system will require the services of a computer repair service to disinfect those nasty little software pests that have invaded your computer system. Viruses and malware are software programs that can infect your computer using an executable code. They can exploit vunerabilities on your computer system and spread themselves to other systems via chat system (i.e. yahoo, aol, or msn messenger), email by attaching and sending themselves to everyone in your address book, or by utilizing your network to spread themselves to other computer system attached to the network. The people who are writing this malicious code have gotten really good at being able to get past the anti-virus and security suites that can be utilized to help protect you from them, once in they usually try to disable certain features of your system security or anti-virus software. Unlike the old days of virus attacks they generally try to get your credit card information by using a fake anti-virus program that will tell you that you are infected with many viruses and you must purchase the program to remove them, this is called a phishing attempt. They will also usually use a technique known as a sandbox to download other viruses and malware to infect your system. Once in they not only render your system unusable, but also can allow remote access to your system by installing what are called backdoor viruses They can also install keystroke loggers to capture what you are typing. It is important that once your system is infected you turn it off immediately and not use it until the viruses and malware have been removed.

For those times when it is necessary to have your computer system problems evaluated, I hope you will keep me in mind. I have been working and training in the computer industry since 1987, and have gained years of valuable experience offering technical support via telephone and in the field. My service fee for PC troubleshooting and repair is $75.00. This includes up to one hour of working to troubleshoot/repair and resolve any issues; parts not included. Each hour after the initial service fee is just $60.00 per hour, and is billed in 15-minute increments - making my Company a very economical computer repair service. The best thing is I come to you and take care of troubleshooting and advising you on the necessary course of action to correct the computer problems you are experiencing. Chris D Computer Services offers computer repair services to homes, home offices, and small businesses in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Initial Service Fee for Repair and Maintenance: $75.00 (Includes up to 1 hour of service).
Each Additional Hour(s) beyond the 1 hour included in the service fee is: $60.00 per hour (Billed in 15 minute increments).

Rates are subject to change without notice.

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